A tale of two cheeses

The postman arrived this morning with two packages!

One from Holland and one from the USA ! I knew that my mate Flyboy Tyler was sending me something but didn't expect this !That's the Xmas cheese sorted ! Thanks Carl !

So I then opened the Dutch box (I knew what this would be)a box within a box? so I opened the 2nd boxI am such a happy bloke today ! 


Tinned meat product - Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney pudding.

I've had this in the cupboard for ages.So today I decided to open it.It looks lovely doesn't it ?Now 3 mins in the machine that goes ping!Mmmm meaty goodness.

I score this 5/10 - I've eaten a lot worse.


My Birthday trip to Berlin

The missus & I like going to Germany to see the Xmas markets, Suzy likes the crepes and I like the glüwiein. We let the train take the strain and travel first class to avoid the rabble. This journey however turned into a bit of a nightmare unfortunately. It started off when the bus we wanted to catch just didn't turn up, which is very unusual for Dutch buses. Luckily I'd calculated an extra hour into the journey so that we wouldn't miss our hi-speed train from Amersfoort that we'd reserved seats on.

We caught the next bus and made our way to Den Haag CS where we discovered that there were no trains running to Amersfoort. We were told to take the train to Schiphol and then catch the train to Amersfoort from there. However whilst we were on the train they announced that we needed to stay on the train all the way to Amsterdam CS where we would have just 6 minutes to catch the train.

We got off at Amsterdam and ran for the Amersfoort train which luckily we caught with about 1 minute to spare. It then got even more complicated, the ticket inspector informed us that we weren't going to make the connection with the hi-speed train at Amersfoort, we would have to get off at Hilversum and get it from there.

We got off at Hilversum (which btw is a city to never travel to by car, trus me it's a nightmare of one-way systems) We were waiting on the platform for the train and we decided to buy a sandwich for the journey so went into the kiosk on the platform. I then decided to buy some beer and at that moment a very dirty train pulled in, Suzy didn't say anything because she thought it couldn't be our train because it was so scruffy. I realised at the last minute and after confirming with the guard we jumped on, the doors closed and it left ! We'd nearly missed it after all that effort.

We laboriously made it through all the carriages filled with rabble until we got to our coupe, We then spent the rest of the journey with Suzy reading and me looking out of the window spotting wildlife and drinking German beer. A short taxi ride later and we arrived at our hotel (9 hours after leaving our house) We stayed at the Crowne Plaza and I can recommend it highly, it has a brilliant steakhouse Wilson's.

We freshend up and retired to the bar for drinks.

Since it was my birthday my lovely wife treated me to a big rib of beef dinner and by big I mean BIG.

Suzy had the Californian ladies' cut.

 We had a nice bottle of wine with our meal.

That herb crust was delicious.

Halfway through.

All done !

A nice Irish coffe for pud.

 A meaty breakfast the following day.

We went to the Ka-De-We for a nice glass or two of champagne on Saturday.

Then onto the Xmas market where glüwiein was procured.

then we went for a groß bier

and a tasty pig knuckle dinner.

On Sunday we went back to the Ka-De-We for a champagne brunch, Suzy had fish soup.

Whilst I treated myself to a lobster platter.In the evening we went to an Italian for lasagne.

It's no wonder I gained 3.5 kilos in four days !


Thu 7th July

Oops missed updating this for a week

06:00 pomegranite juice

08:30 muesli, oats, bran, seeds

12:00 Walked 4km

15:00 walnuts & plums


Thu 30th June

05:30 pomegranite juice

08:30 muesli, bran, seeds